Following his trio debut ‘Triptych’ last year, trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr presents his duo record ‘Sequence’ with long-time companion and ECM Recording Artist Matthieu Bordenave on tenor saxophone. In contrast to its technical title, ‘Sequence’ is a very lyrical record, sacral at times. Like two figure skaters, the voices gracefully glide along and whirl around in perfect synch. A fitting comparison, as the recording session was equally exhausting, due to the level of concentration required to perform this music. The minimalist line-up and the hyper-focused playing gives the album both a breath-like purity and solemn depth.

Matthias Lindermayr, trp
Matthieu Bordenvave, sax

Written by Matthias Lindermayr
Recorded by Jan Krause at Mastermix Studios, Munich
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Ruch at Control Room, Berlin
Produced by Martin Brugger
Designed by Maximilian Schachtner

  • Matthias Lindermayr

    • Sequence

      140g vinyl
      *Pre-order* ships around June 2022

      € 24
      • Triptych

        180g black vinyl, printed inner sleeve, risograph printed inlay

        € 23