Percussive Maintenance is an initiative by drummer Simon Popp and Squama aimed at forming new ties through improvisation. For the monthly events at ZIRKA in Munich, Simon invites fellow artists to engage in an open-format collaboration. The second episode featured Embryo’s Marja Burchard on vibraphone and the recording is now available on tape in a limited edition.

May 13, 2022, 21.00, Squama studio at ZIRKA Munich
Recorded and Mastered by Simon Popp
Designed by Maximilian Schachtner

  • Popp

    Exploration and play are at the core of Simon Popp’s creative process. Classically trained in jazz drumming and polyrhythm, the Bavarian-born artist draws from a vast array of percussive instruments to build his expansive sound palette. Learning the drums and listening to a wide range of genres from a young age instilled in him a ravenous musical curiosity that resonates throughout his various projects: as a solo artist under his own name, his duo-projects 9ms and Enji&Popp or as the drummer for bands like Roosevelt and Fazer, the group he co-founded with conservatory peers Martin Brugger, Paul Brändle, Matthias Lindermayr, and fellow drummer Sebastian Wolfgruber in 2018.

    • Percussive Maintenance (2)

      White printed transparent cassette tape.
      Limited edition of 50 copies.

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        180g vinyl

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        • Devi

          180g vinyl

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