Squama regulars Enji and Popp join forces on ‘Nant’, the debut LP by their newly minted duo ‘Poeji’, transcending the confines of Post-Dub and Downtempo. 2022’s 3-track EP ‘031921 5.24 5.53’, released as a limited run of dubplates, was the first testament to their open approach to writing, which takes only very basic ideas and relies on non-verbal communication to define form and pace. Enji’s vocals are less centre-stage than on her solo endeavors, piercing through reverb plates and guitar pedals while Simon inked his signature set of wooden and metal percussions with chains of tape echoes and analog delay. Listening to ‘Nant’ as a snapshot of Poeji’s artistry at a certain time and place can instill a sense of gratitude within the listener that something so fleeting can be captured.

Written by Enkhjargal Erkhembayar and Simon Popp
Recorded by Tobias Ober at Bonello Studio Berlin
Mastered by Martin Ruch
Mixed and Produced by Martin Brugger
Photography by Lara Fritz and Hanne Kaunicnik at Studio CNP
Styling by Laura Fries and Carolin Schreck at FRECK
Creative Direction and Design by Maximilian Schachtner
Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media
©℗ 2024 Squama

  • Poeji

    Poeji is the convergence of two musical minds, a new project formed of vocalist Enji and drummer Simon Popp. Both progressive and acclaimed in their own rights, in coming together as a duo, stripped back to just percussion and vocals, the pair found a deep chemistry. Crafting an output of experimental, textural and otherworldly music which pulls inspiration from German avant-garde, dub, downtempo and musique concrete. Their largely improvisational, emotionally instinctive compositions have been captured on their debut album ‘Nant’, releasing on 26 July via Squama Recordings.

    • Nant

      180g vinyl, laser cut OBI strip in three varying colorways
      ***Pre-order item. Ships around Mid July 2024***

      € 25