On his third album Blizz Munich-based drummer and producer Simon Popp further blurs the line between electronic and organic sounds. In carefully crafted, slow-growing tracks tuned metal percussions cut through searing synth pads, sucking the listener into a sonic vortex. Informed by personal and spiritual themes, Popp’s debut album Laya, as well as his 2021 follow-up Devi make use of rhythms as storytelling mechanisms. Contrasting light and dark, organic and synthetic sounds, his compositions engage in a dance of subtle complexities, enticing the listener into the practice of close listening.

Throughout Blizz, a panopticon of metallophones takes flight, floating freely over earth-bound counter rhythms, conjuring up call and response techniques inherent in polyrhythmic music. This technique favors experimentation over perfectionism, leaving space for happy accidents to unlock new melodic possibilities. According to Popp, “it’s much more interesting to try to push the boundaries of an instrument to see what’s possible.”

Written, Produced, and Recorded by Simon Popp
Mixed by Mario Thaler
Mastered by Martin Ruch
Drawing by Miro Maria Schachtner
Designed by Maximilian Schachtner

  • Popp

    Raised on an old farm in rural Bavaria, Simon Popp started playing the drums at the age of 9. During his studies at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Munich, he extensively studied music from countries like Ghana, Benin, India and Cuba where rhythm is central to culture.

    • Blizz

      180g vinyl, comes with risograph printed inlay

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      • Devi

        180g vinyl

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        • Laya

          180g vinyl

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          • 031921 5.24 5.53

            Limited 10" dubplate (one per customer)
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            • Percussive Maintenance (2)

              White printed transparent cassette tape.
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