"It seems the kind of music is most interesting where one senses the artists are really trying to drive music itself forward. Sometimes that involves bringing themselves as people forward, by moving into new territories via improvisation, experimentation, collaboration. By exploring different genres and mediums of art. By simply trying to make art at all."
Joshua Minsoo Kim on Twitter Jan 10, 2022 10:56

This music was conceived and recorded in one afternoon session at Simon’s studio on March 19, 2021. In order to maintain the immediacy of this event, the three tracks were cut directly to vinyl for a limited run of 50 dubplates.

Enkhjargal Erkhembayar (voc), Simon Popp (dr)
Mixed by Simon Popp
Mastered by Christoph Stickel
Cut by Sebo Stadler
Designed by Maximilian Schachtner
(C)(P)2022 Squama

  • Enji

    Born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, Enji lived in a tiny yurt with a working-class family. “My parents worked every day, the whole day, for the city,” Enji says. “They love to sing, but they don’t have any passion for music. I was a bit different.” Ever supportive, her parents encouraged her to do whatever felt right for her, even if it meant eventually leaving Mongolia. “It was a great support from them.”

  • Popp

    Raised on an old farm in rural Bavaria, Simon Popp started playing the drums at the age of 9. During his studies at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Munich, he extensively studied music from countries like Ghana, Benin, India and Cuba where rhythm is central to culture.

    • 031921 5.24 5.53

      Limited 10" dubplate (one per customer)
      Edition of 50. Comes in a letterpress printed and embossed cover with silver printed innersleeve.

      € 30Sold Out!
      • Ursgal

        180g vinyl, hand stamped innersleeve
        3rd repress

        € 24
        • Laya

          180g vinyl

          € 21
          • Devi

            180g vinyl

            € 21